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CorentinJ / Real-Time-Voice-Cloning
Clone a voice in 5 seconds to generate arbitrary speech in real-time
OpenDiablo2 / OpenDiablo2
An open source re-implementation of Diablo 2
jgraph / drawio
Source to www.draw.io
This repository was created and developed by Ammar Amer @cry__pto Only. Updates to this repository will continue to arrive until the number of links reaches 10000 links & 10000 pdf files .Learn Ethical Hacking and penetration testing .hundreds of ethical hacking & penetration testing & red team & cyber security & computer science resources.
jobbole / awesome-programming-books
liamg / tfsec
🔒 🌍 Static analysis powered security scanner for your terraform code
fengdu78 / lihang-code
MaximAbramchuck / awesome-interview-questions
A curated awesome list of lists of interview questions. Feel free to contribute! 🎓
practicalAI / practicalAI
📚 A practical approach to machine learning.
bytecodealliance / wasmtime
Standalone JIT-style runtime for WebAssembly, using Cranelift
didi / DoraemonKit
简称 "DoKit" 。一款功能齐全的客户端( iOS 、Android、微信小程序 )研发助手,你值得拥有。
chai2010 / advanced-go-programming-book
📚 《Go语言高级编程》开源图书,涵盖CGO、Go汇编语言、RPC实现、Protobuf插件实现、Web框架实现、分布式系统等高阶主题(完稿)
alibaba / Sentinel
A lightweight powerful flow control component enabling reliability and monitoring for microservices. (轻量级的流量控制、熔断降级 Java 库)
yuzu-emu / yuzu
Nintendo Switch Emulator
iperov / DeepFaceLab
DeepFaceLab is a tool that utilizes machine learning to replace faces in videos. Includes prebuilt ready to work standalone Windows 7,8,10 binary (look readme.md).
k8gege / Ladon
大型网络渗透扫描器&Cobalt Strike,包含信息收集/端口扫描/服务识别/网络资产/密码爆破/漏洞检测/漏洞利用。漏洞检测含MS17010、Weblogic、ActiveMQ、Tomcat等,密码口令爆破含(Mysql、Oracle、MSSQL)、FTP、SSH(Linux)、VNC、Windows(IPC、WMI、SMB)等,可高度自定义插件支持.NET程序集、DLL(C#/Delphi/VC)、PowerShell等语言编写的插件,支持通过配置INI批量调用任意外部程序或命令,EXP生成器一键生成Web漏洞POC,可快速扩展扫描或利用能力。支持Cobalt Strike插件化直接内存加载Ladon扫描快速拓展内网横向移动
gzc426 / Java-Interview
Java 面试必会 直通BAT
microsoft / vcpkg
C++ Library Manager for Windows, Linux, and MacOS
fastai / fastai
The fastai deep learning library, plus lessons and tutorials
d2-projects / d2-admin
🌈 An elegant dashboard
elastic / logstash
Logstash - transport and process your logs, events, or other data
Pierian-Data / Complete-Python-3-Bootcamp
Course Files for Complete Python 3 Bootcamp Course on Udemy
aelassas / Wexflow
A high-performance, extensible, modular and cross-platform workflow engine. Built for automation. Optimized for SaaS integration. Runs on Windows, Linux, macOS and the cloud.
google / googletest
Googletest - Google Testing and Mocking Framework
MicrosoftLearning / AZ-103-MicrosoftAzureAdministrator
AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator
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